Preciosa Catalogues Download

Please note the following catalogues are for reference only. It may contain error and out-of-date information. Please refer to our online catalogue for the most updated data, including price and availability

Preciosa Catalogues Download

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You may print these catalogues for reference. These files are updated often. Updated information such as price will be first reflected on our online catalogues.

You may download product summary for each article on their product page under the description.

00 Basic Information (0.33 MB)
00 Preciosa Product Catalogue (Complete) (33.49 MB)
01 Round Stones & Channels (9.55 MB)
02 Fancy Stones & Balls (1.17 MB)
03 Flat Back Stones (0.46 MB)
04 Hot-Fix Stones (0.22 MB)
05 Sew-on Stones (0.25 MB)
06 Beads (0.3 MB)
07 Pendants (0.22 MB)
08 Nacre Pearls (0.64 MB)
09 Fashion Jewellery Components (2.14 MB)
10 Chandelier & Chains (0.63 MB)
11 Cabochons (0.97 MB)
12 Cubic Zirconia & Gems (4.62 MB)
Innovations 2015 Spring-Summer (14.57 MB)
Innovations 2016 Spring-Summer (13.27 MB)
Innovations 2016-17 Fall-Winter (20.66 MB)
Innovations 2017 Spring-Summer (16.62 MB)
Innovations 2022 Autumn-Winter (26.35 MB)
Innovations 2022 Spring-Summer (5.97 MB)
MAXIMA - MC Chaton (6.43 MB)
MAXIMA Pure (Unfoiled Stones) (2.08 MB)
Preciosa Crystal Components - Product Overview 2016 (11.49 MB)

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